The strength of Pan Galactic is a direct result of the executive team. With 20+ years of experience working in small independent agencies, large holding company-owned agencies and a few others in between, these proven thought leaders have the comprehensive background that leads to great business. Among experience in deep focused digital marketing, traditional advertising and brand strategy, they bring powerful insight to today’s evolving digital marketing landscape.

Jared Reed, CEO

Lara McDougall Reed, COO | Pan Galactic Digital

Lara McDougall Reed, COO

This powerful insight is the driving force of our agency. We use it to develop unified strategies across digital channels; we are able to use data from one channel to inform decisions in others, constantly building initiatives that are tailored toward specific business needs.

Our staff has been a beta tester for the Bing interface, Google’s Agency Land Search Marketing education portal, as well as numerous social media analytics platforms. We are also certified in the use of Google’s Adwords PPC marketing program, Google Analytics, and proficient with paid advertising on various social media networks.

Because of our experience with digital marketing, Pan Galactic’s staff has been asked to speak at several local conferences and has been asked to blog for Searchfuel, Trada, Hubspot, and Social Fresh.

Google Analytics Qualified Individual    Google Adwords Qualified Individual