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Pinterest is your new Social Media Marketing BFF

By now you should know, that this is one Social Media Marketer that loves Pinterest. Currently, I have two CPG clients, and Pinterest is their third largest source of traffic behind Google and Facebook. Suffice to say this scrappy, new…

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SEOs, Matt Cutts Is Not The Devil, or Why We Have Nothing to fear from Proper SEO.

Online, SEO Is The Game To Play If You Play By The Rules Let’s face it. Spammers ruin everything. In their ongoing effort to make an easy buck, they are experimenting with ways to move traffic around the web. Take…

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Google+, Pinterest, SEO, and the Social Media Agency

Tiny Pinterest is more important than Behemoth Google+ to your SEO Efforts Wow. Think about all the cash and resources that Google has at their disposal. It’s immense. Before I started my own Social Media Agency, I visited the Googleplex…

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