Mobile Is Hot But Desktop Still Dominates

Mobile is HOT but desktop still dominates

Just last week, I cautioned a client against throwing every available resource into mobile optimization of their site. Too often in the digital world, and maybe in the world period, a subject gets a lot of buzz, and everyone jumps on the bandwagon en masse. All too soon these individuals find themselves dismayed with where the trend went and set out again to find the next big thing. Anyone remember QR codes?

Let’s face it. The digerati have been calling it the year of mobile since at least 2011, and I would be the last person to denigrate the value of mobile. Almost every brand Pan Galactic Digital has worked with over the last three years has seen huge mobile growth. Also, you can’t deny the stats. Mobile traffic is growing!

But let’s not forget that the world is much more nuanced than most blogs about digital marketing would have us believe. Online news has become just like offline. Attention grabbing headlines lead users to click, which justifies ad spends and keeps people in business.

Which is exactly why I was fascinated by the recent report from IBM and its information about digital spend by device during the 2015 Valentine’s period.

The report found that “Mobile traffic accounted for 46.5 percent of all online traffic, up 26.5 percent compared to the same period last year.” Ok, that totally jives with what I’ve seen. Actually it’s a bit smaller than I thought it would be. But wait, when it comes to online sales, desktop is still king. Mobile traffic only grabbed “… 23.2 percent of all online sales, up 35.3 percent over 2014.” Sure it’s growing, but I can’t see a time coming when desktop is completely irrelevant. Even though mobile screens are growing, Tablet and Desktop provide a much better viewing experience.

Bottom line: Don’t let anyone talk you into focusing all your attention on one thing. Keep your digital marketing investment diversified. And in terms of how much or how little to invest, use the Pan Galactic mantra: “Test, test, test, and let data be your guide”.