Why You Need SEO: If Shakespeare was a blogger …

Without SEO, he might never have been discovered.

William Shakespeare

Let’s look at the numbers. In 2008, which is like eons ago in web-time, Google said there were 1 trillion pages on the interent. That’s trillion with a capital T. This data doubles each year. It’s not hard math, people. The internet is ginormous! While we are often amazed at how much information is on the internet, guess what? We don’t actually get to see it all. Google has only indexed .04% of the net.

For those of you that have real lives and don’t spend each cherished hour of daylight huddled away in the scriptorium reading about SEO, getting your site indexed in Google is very important. When you conduct a search on Google, you’re not actually searching the entire web. You are searching the portions that Google has found and stored copies of on its servers. It’s kind of like the old card catalog in the library. For example, you type in “Captain Jack Sparrow Halloween costume for my cat”, and Google goes out and looks through its card catalog and pulls pages that are relevant to your search terms.Keep in mind, this is only .04% of what’s really out there. The reason that you can’t see all the rest? For some reason or another, Google can’t get to it or figure out what it’s about.

This is where SEO comes in. Search Engine Optimization aids Google in finding your site and figuring out what it’s all about, so that it can use it for an answer when someone asks it a question via a web search. To make matter even more difficult, being indexed by Google isn’t enough. You have to be in the top 3 positions. According to a recent study by Optify “Websites ranked number one received an average click-through rate (CTR) of 36.4 percent; number two had a CTR of 12.5 percent; and number three had a CTR of 9.5 percent.” After the top three, CTR drops off pretty quick.

You can see where I’m going with this. You can write the greatest content in the world, but if no one can find it … if a tree falls in the forest …

Yes, the tree fell, but it didn’t matter because it didn’t have an effect on us in anyway. We didn’t have knowledge of the event. No one did.
This is the basic reason that SEO is important and, for the foreseeable future, will be important.

You can put out the most awesome content in the world, but if no one can find it … so what. Your total digital strategy should encompass social media, but SEO should be at its heart. Your website is gold. Optimize it. Get it out there. Let us see it.

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