4 Twitter Chats for CMOs

One of the best things about the field of marketing is that the landscape is constantly changing. Just a decade ago, a snap was what Elle Wood’s sorority was giving her. Now, it’s a way for brands to interact with fans. Brands like Nordstom and Lilly Pulitzer weren’t working with bloggers as a form of influencer marketing, and hashtags weren’t ubiquitous, tacked on to anything from movie trailers to weddings.

Of course the flip side of this constant change is that it can be hard to stay abreast of industry standards and changes. Sure, conferences are educational and informative if you can get to them, but they aren’t always necessarily time- or cost-effective.

That’s where the popular Twitter chat comes in. Twitter chats help cull valuable information from a colorful array of people in the industry. This leaves at your fingertips a plethora of opinions and ideas from new sources who can challenge your opinions and teach you something new.

A quick rundown of the typical Twitter chat

  • Held at a set time every week or month
  • One hashtag to follow
  • The host will pose a question for the attendees to answer
  • Attendees can easily interact with others in the chat all within Twitter by simply searching and following the hashtag.

Pretty simple yet super effective and engaging. (Pro tip: Schedule a reminder on your calendar so you never miss a conversation.)

There are hundreds of Twitter chats about all sorts of topics. Here are four that will keep you updated on the digital happenings in the marketing industry.

#SocialChat // Mondays, 9 p.m. EST

#SocialChat is a twitter chat revolved around all things social media.

#SocialChat covers—you guessed it—all things social. The talks range from social news, such as the recent Twitter/Google partnership, to broader themes, such as tactics digital marketers use to drive traffic via social. And if you ever miss a talk, #SocialChat’s website backlogs the transcripts.

#BrandChat // Wednesdays, 11 a.m. EST

#BrandChat is a twitter chat that focuses on digital branding.

Tweeters are so enthusiastic about this chat, you can earn a #BRANDido cap if you are an exceptional participant. The chat focuses on brands’ roles in different facets of marketing, from new technology to startups to digital strategy. As customers continue to consume branded content differently, the waters can feel somewhat tumultuous at times. This chats serves as a lighthouse, helping brands find their way.

#GetRealChat // Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST

#GetRealChat is a twitter chat hosted by Pam Moore, who Forbes listed as a top 10 social media influencer.

#GetRealChat focuses on finding fresh perspectives when it comes to any topic marketing related, whether that be big data, social or ROI. The founder, Pam Moore has been recognized by Forbes as one the top five social media power women influences and a top 10 social media influencer. She facilitates vibrant conversations that will make you think.

#BufferChat // Wednesdays at 12 p.m. EST

#BufferChat is a twitter chat hosted by Buffer, a social media scheduling tool that more than 2 million people use.

Buffer is a social media scheduling tool used by more than two million people, so it makes sense it also hosts a Twitter chat. The diversity of chat topics makes #BufferChat so compelling and fun to scroll through and interact with. Tweeters discuss industry topics, such as the importance of video content, along with more general themes, such as how to increase workplace productivity.

Twitter chats are an easy tool to use for continued education. By hearing examples from other workers in the industry, you can gain a fresh perspective along with helping educate others about what has worked for you.